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"I love me" is a bilingual (English - Japanese) picture book about the little miracles of life, self acceptance, gratitude, and positivity beyond death. The book was created by the 3 best friends in the very last few months of the writer's life during the time of the great Kumamoto earthquake in 2016. The writer's last wish to encourage all readers who may come across this book to love and cherish themselves a little bit more.



The Team チーム

Writer : Shinobu Sakata

Shinobu was a certified colour and aroma therapist who survived cancer for 10 years.




Illustrator : Rinna Clanuwat

Rinna is an award winning artist and designer as well as Shinobu's best friend.




Publisher : Haruki Morimoto

Haruki is Shinobu's younger brother who is publishing and distributing the book on her behalf.




© 2016 Shinobu Sakata © 2016 Rinna Clanuwat. All Rights Reserved.