29 November 2016

"I Love Me" book project started in March 2016 right after the writer's family were informed that she might have only 1-2 months left. As the team were rushing against the real so-called "deadline", hoping to show her the real book in time, they decided to self-publish this book. Despite difficulties during the great Kumamoto earthquake in April and sadness after the writer's death in May, the book was finally launched on 15 October 2016. The first edition were sold by direct order in Japan and Thailand as well as through social networks and online store. With the greatest help of families, friends, Newspaper, TV channel, and all the readers who kindly spreaded the words about the book, the first 1000 copies were sold out in 2 months.


"I Love Me' book is now continuely printed and distributed in the hope to inspire all the readers who may come across this book to love and cherish themselves even a little bit more.







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