"I love me" starts with the writer's thoughts about her previous view on life and what she realised during the time of her illness. Then each page proceeds on with short quotes of gratitude toward things usually taken for granted. Finally it ends with a note that the writer wrote to her 12 years old daughter, Ririka.


The colourful illustrations envision the writer's feelings as well as her memories of people, places, and small things in her life. The illustrations also reflects both the writer and the illustrator's positive power, kindness, love, and friendship.


Overall "I love me" is intended to encourage the readers to love themselves and live happily with positivity and gratitude.









I Love Me (アイ・ラブ・ミー)


文 : 坂田しのぶ

Written by Shinobu Sakata

絵 : リンナ ・ カラーヌワット

Illustrations by Rinna Clanuwat

英訳 : リンナ ・ カラーヌワット

English translation by Rinna Clanuwat

デザイン : リンナ ・ カラーヌワット

Design by Rinna Clanuwat


発行人 : 森本春樹

Published by Haruki Morimoto


印刷 : スタジオコーオン

Printed by Studio KO-ON Limited


謝辞 : カラーヌワット・タリン、


Special thanks to Tarin Clanuwat and

Arabella Murray-Nag


© 2016 Shinobu Sakata

© 2016 Rinna Clanuwat

All Rights Reserved.

© 2016 Shinobu Sakata © 2016 Rinna Clanuwat. All Rights Reserved.